Property Management

Able Real Estate provides property management for a wide array of multi-family, single family, commercial and condominium association properties. Our leasing team is knowledgeable of local market condition and utilizes various databases and the internet to attract and pursue qualified prospects. In addition to highly visible internet, multiple listing system and we also produce customized ads for the properties in-house. We pride ourselves on our quick response to inquiries and thorough follow up.

At Able Real Estate, Inc. we believe that the investor's investment is our investment. We inspect the property annually to provide you with a report on the condition. If the condition is caused by the resident, we expect them to make the corrections within two (2) weeks. Owners will be given a corrective proposal written or verbally. It is Able's expectation that all repairs pertaining to the safety, livability, and cleanliness of the property be acted upon as soon as possible.

Requirements for Landlords

1. Rental License-aka Housing inspection License can be obtained from the Philadelphia Department of License and Inspections website Click housing and print the housing inspection document or visit the Philadelphia License and Inspections office at 1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Concourse Level, Philadelphia PA. You can also obtain your Business Privilege-aka Philadelphia Commercial Activity License also offered on the site.

2. Homeowners Insurance with Able Real Estate, Inc added as additional insured.

3. Direction on how you want evictions handled (i.e. do you have preferred legal counsel to represent you?)

4. 2 sets of keys to the property.

5. Are we to handle your maintenance issues or are we to contact your contractors?

6. What utilities are included in rent?

7. Working smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in all bedrooms, hallways, and on each floor.

8. Fire extinguishers on each floor.

9. Properties are to be cleaned and safe.

10. Your complete contact information.

11. For Section 8 residents, Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) requires owners to attend class for $200.

12. Certificate of Rental Suitability issued, provided by the Department of Licenses and Inspections no more than 60 days prior to the inception of tenancy.

13. The lead base paint policy says that anyone who rents to a family with children under the age of six with have to undergo lead testing. 

Annette Collier
Annette Collier
Sales Executive