The Colossal Coupon Guide by Veronica Hodges Colossal Couponing 
1. Decide where you are shopping at, read the coupon policy for that store. 
2. Find the coupons you want to use. You an purchase coupons from the newspaper weekly or use online sites for free such as: , , , , , , , , , ,
3. You can also use a site that matches the sales for you. It will tell you exactly what is on sale, it will match the coupon to give you the final price.
4. Organize you coupons to be ready for each week's sale. There are several ways to organize the binder method, here are two: Clip less or accordion style.

Stacking Coupons
stacking is the method of using 1 manufacturer coupon combined with 1 store coupon to be used on 1 item. Many stores have coupons that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon! You can never use 2 manufacturer coupon on 1 item but most stores will allow you to use 1 store and 1 manufacturer coupon on the same item. Be sure to check each stores coupon policy just to be sure. 

Double Coupons 
Some stores will double coupons up to a certain value. This means that one $0.50 off coupon will become $1.00 off. Depending on how much the store DD up to IE: .99 

Price Matching video from cuckoo for coupon deals, Amazon, store Ads. 

EBates offers cashback deals over 1700 stores.
Ibotta allows you to shop for regular products and earn cash. 

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