Biography: Annette Chaney Collier, Broker of Record licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware 
Annette has been an entrepreneur since she was ten years of age. Her first job was selling Christmas cards so that she could purchase her own ten speed bike. That was a great feeling knowing that she had made this accomplishment. Her parents, James and Annabelle Collier were also very resourceful to her in guiding her in this endeavor. Since that time she has worked to always try to better herself through education, travel and established networks of people.
After graduating from Lincoln University in Lincoln University, PA she worked for several corporations but knew that this was not her destiny. She remembered her mother talking to her about real estate being one of the best investments, therefore she decided at twenty-four years of age that she would work a 9-5 and night jobs so that she could have enough money to save to purchase her first home. She purchased a duplex, which was her first property at twenty-four years of age and a couple years later purchased the next in the Fitler’s Square section of Philadelphia. In later years, she purchased and developed real estate. Annette’s belief to this day is that real estate no matter what the economy is can be one of the best investments. Most all wealthy people across the universe possess real estate.
In 1997, after her mother’s death she received her real estate license and left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur full time. Annette remembers speaking to her father about her plans and she says she will never forget him telling her, “God bless the child that has her own”. Therefore I worked for a real estate brokerage for four years before establishing Able Real Estate in 2001. At such time she was able to establish a loan on her home to finance the renovations to her office building. Through faith all things are possible. Annette always keeps in mind that she can not fail and that God would not have gotten her this far to fail.
As the broker of Able Real Estate they have patrons that have come from all walks of life from the United States, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. They include investors and home owners from all around the world that utilize their sales division, property management and consulting services. These relations have kept the business very interesting and prosperous. Able’s business has grown primarily through referrals, which is the best business to receive. In addition, the business has taught Annette about the different personality types and how to deal with them.  She believes that integrity, trust, loyalty and faith are important in this business because you will always have the respect of others and that it is our responsibility to care for our community, because without their support we would not be where we are today. Annette says that when she wakes, she says to herself that “I am blessed and highly favored”. Throughout her career she has on a regular basis provided home buying seminars, rental education and consultations. It has been a privilege for her to teach at Temple University Pan African Studies Community Education Program “Own your Own Home” course for over 12 years. In addition, she has been an active presenter for the Philadelphia Housing Authority by attending their monthly housing seminars to educate their clients on purchasing via the Housing Choice Voucher program.
As she was growing up, her father was a great admirer of the late Cecil B. Moore, Esquire, so she was elated when she was selected as the exclusive right to sell broker for the Cecil B. Moore Home ownership Zone-Twins at Oxford Commons. This development has housed 151 low to moderate homeowners, located round 20th & Oxford Street. This once blighted area now has been revitalized with new homes that are stimulating to the City of Philadelphia economy. Annette thinks this has been one of her greatest accomplishments.
In celebrating Women’s History month Madam C.J. Walker has truly been a role model for Annette, as well as many other entrepreneurs. The story of Madam Walker shows perseverance as a woman of color that is admirable. She was a great business woman that was dedicated to her community. Ms. Walker was an innovator with her business and was able to employ and educate others. Annette like her has been able to do the same in the real estate business, in reinventing the services that we provide.  Madam’s belief in education has also been my practice since becoming a real estate professional. When one has benefited the giving back shows the humbleness of not just working for capital but to use those resources to help others.

Similar to Ms. Walker Annette has worked diligently to establish a positive reputation in the community by trying to fulfill commitments that she has made, and to be honest and true, even when the truth may be hard to receive. Her involvement with political concerns would also apply to involvement with the National Association of Realtors Pac and the Realtist Nat Pac. These organizations address the issues of housing concerns for all constituents.  Around 1998, she marched with ACORN against predatory lending and in 2010 Reverend Al Sharpton, march “Reclaim the Dream”. These public outreaches are important to her because we must be proactive in addressing those issues that affect our communities regarding housing, education, employment and health. Also in March, 2010 she attended the first Multicultural Conference at Capital Hill as the Regional Vice President for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers to present a five point talking presentation to various politicians, concerning housing issues.
In 2014 Annette was proud to have served as the Chair for the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Diversity Committee where there were several events bringing recognition to Fair Housing, National Association of Real Estate Brokers, doing business with the disabled community, senior citizens and other concerned groups.
2013 she served as Chair for the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors Diversity Committee where over $1000 was raised and donated to Peoples Emergency Center via a silent auction that had the support of the Asian Association of Realtors, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, National Gay and Lesbian Association of Realtors and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers.
She served as Chairwoman of the Women’s Council of Philadelphia (2009-2011). It gave her great pleasure in knowing that the group was able to give a family from a shelter in transition $1,000 towards their moving expenditures.
2010 she was the Treasurer for the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors. Prior to that  she  served as Local Board President for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (2004-2006) and was elected as the Regional Vice President (2008-2010). In 2005 she received the Region III National Association of Real Estate Brokers Local Board President of the year award. In these positions she was able to develop partnerships with several financial institutions. Through these relationships she has been able to encourage the need for financial products that would assist minorities in qualifying for mortgages.
It has been my goal to be as knowledgeable as possible about the real estate industry. Currently we are reaching out more to the veterans and disabled communities.
Annette Collier
Annette Collier
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